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Psi Lambda Theta started with the Alpha Lambda chapter. It was founded as a multi-faith multi-cultural women’s fraternity in 2019 by a family of college educated women to provide a home for women who are seeking community or connection with other women of faith who believe in diversity, dignity, character and the highest ideals of compassion towards all living things.

We Believe

1. Our highest calling is that of our faith.

2. In a humble spirit. We go about our work, successes and possessions with humility.

3. We believe in quality of life. We share a respect for life, no matter how seemingly insignificant to others.

4. In service. We are always trying to better the world through our actions.

5. We believe in strong character: honesty, compassion, and doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.

6. We believe in fortitude. Change only occurs when those around us have the courage to be and create that change.

None of this can be done without balance, without a multitude of perspectives fueling a persons intent, enriching their lives with experiences. 

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