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“Join Because You Believe in It – Transformative Action!!”

Requirements: Prospective members must be current college students attending a four year college OR in possession of a bachelors degree or higher with at least a 3.0 GPA

Maintenance: Psi Lambda Theta is a lifetime commitment. That means contributing to society on a continuous basis. At a minimum PLT members should have volunteer service once a year.

Expansion: Want to join, but there’s no chapter on your campus? OR are you already a college alumni? Contact Adminsitrator@psilambdatheta.com

Becoming a Psi  Lambda Theta soror:   PLT requires prospects to be independent thinkers, scholars, mavericks, visionaries, decisive and possessing of the will power to do things with or without support.  Make certain you’re able to supply evidence of these qualities before applying.  You must be social AND independent; not everyone will be Psi Lambda Theta material.   We realize, sometimes it takes a while for people to know who they are and what matters.  That’s okay, because no matter how old you are, you can still pledge Psi Lambda Theta. 

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